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…She came up with a no-nonsense solution for individuals looking to drastically reduce their daily plastic use.

Marina Qutab, founder of {Zero} Waste Kit, has been living the zero waste lifestyle for the past 3 years. As she became a pro at sending practically nothing to the landfill, she came to realize living this way was anything but convenient. Noticing a void in the market and demand from her social media following for a product that made living sustainably easy, she conceived of and created {Zero} Waste Kit - your basic toolkit for taking on the world like a zero waste badass. The average American creates 4.5 pounds of waste a day, and Marina is on a mission to change that statistic among other daunting statistics of our time by empowering people with the tools, convenience and mindsets they need to make a difference starting today.


“Our consumer industry has trained us to adopt a wasteful, throwaway lifestyle. Go into any store and see how many items are wrapped, boxed, or enclosed in single-use throwaway packaging. Unfortunately, while such a lifestyle is good for short-term corporate profits, it's far from sustainable.”
-Marina Qutab 




We can all agree that single-use plastics found in everyday products have fallen out of fashion and create a lot of waste and environmental harm. However, even our best intentions to be eco-minded are often undermined by the convenience and our perceived reliance on single-use plastics and other packaging and containers. Until now. 

{Zero} Waste Kit was designed with convenience in mind.


Marina envisioned the ZWK as a streamlined take-with-you-and-go-everywhere kit to help make daily choices such as ditching plastic spoons, straws, food containers, grocery bags, and other single-use plastic products, easy and convenient. The thoughtfully designed starter kit includes custom made and hand-crafted daily essentials beautifully housed and measured-to-fit in a multi-purpose glass container, which are all ethically and sustainably sourced.


This kit was made in integrity.


We believe socially conscious and environmentally sustainable business practices matter. That's why our kits are 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. Take a closer look....

The jar is sourced from a minority-owned packaging company in West Chicago, IL who sources glass in a fair trade, health-conscious and eco-friendly fashion.

The lid is made from high quality, organic bamboo and supports an artisan in Portland, Oregon. Our ZWK lids are leak-proof and do not rust like typical mason jar lids.

The metal straw and straw tip are ethically sourced from East Asia (founder Marina Qutab interviewed supplier after supplier to find the perfect one that had ethical working conditions and sustainability in mind). The reusable straw has a stainless steel body and eco-friendly silicone tip making it bendable and also disabilities-friendly. Plus, the straw cleaners are made with natural, compostable fiber bristles, unlike most straw cleaners with plastic bristles that may eventually end up in the ocean and kill marine life.


The napkin is zero waste in nature and diverts fashion scrap fabric from being sent to landfill, as it is made from 100% upcycled materials. All scraps we receive have been laundered to ensure they are perfectly clean and like-new condition. Sewn with love by our seamstress in Southern California, the neat thing about the ZWK napkins is that no two are the same. We never know what color or pattern we will get from our supplier, making it all the more fun and unique. Each person who buys a ZWK has not only made an empowered lifestyle choice to live more ecofriendly, but they have also given back to the earth by buying a product that diverts waste from the landfill.

The utensil is a reusable half spoon, half fork ‘minimalist’s utensil’ is made from ethically-sourced bamboo.

The knife is a reliable tool you can actually use on the go, and is custom-made with a ceramic blade and bamboo handle, staying sharp with proper use. The knife is an optional addition to the kit.

The produce bags are made from 100% unbleached organic cotton and ethically sourced in the USA. Both the produce bags are printed on sustainably and locally in Southern California.

Lastly, your cork kit sleeve is handcrafted by an artisan in New Orleans made with sexy cork and is available in natural cork and dark brown (stained in organic vegetable dye and sealed with silicone for water and stain resistance). The custom-designed sleeves protect hands from hot liquids and have an attached handle and finger loop for ease of use. Now comes the real question, which color will you choose? ;)