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5 Ways to Manage Eco-Anxiety

In light of the recent heartbreaking news about the Amazon Rainforest, we wanted to share a post today on eco anxiety and how to cope with it, as we imagine many people are battling with this currently. Continue reading for our top 5 tips for turning your eco anxiety into eco ready-to-take-some-action!



We all know the feeling of overstimulation from an intake of constant worldwide information. Our individual brains aren’t meant to process all of this media at once, and we’re especially not able to take action against every issue. This prompts us to take a step back and mindfully think about what exactly is creating the anxiety. Each case of anxiety is unique, and we have to start thinking about controlling it in a world where environmental problems are only increasing. It could originate from a wide variety of environmental negativity, natural issues, overflow of alarming news, or anything specific that triggers anxiety. This first step is very personal and involves digging from within oneself. Being mindful is actually easier than you might think. It can consist of taking meditative breaths, writing thoughts down, practicing gratitude, or approaching ideas from a positive mindset. As many people say, in order to help others, you must help yourself first! This first step to fighting eco-anxiety is just the same idea.


Now that we have discussed finding inner strength and positivity, let’s expand the scope. In other words, before tackling an issue by yourself or in your own space, join an organization, take a class, or even get some friends and family together to gain traction towards an environmental issue. Working with others for a common goal is how this world can transform into a better, healthier place. No creative idea or environmental service should be ignored. Sharing with those that are close to you will allow for growth and positive reinforcement. Go out there and look for something or someone that inspires you, because each mind is unique and creative. For example, simply becoming a member of an eco-friendly organization, such as the Sierra Club, can go a long way. 


After finding a support team, try molding environmental action into your lifestyle. Whatever this means to you, whether it be starting a composting routine, buying an electric car, or volunteering to remove invasive species, attaining a lifestyle that aims at helping anxiety-crippling issues is a necessary start. You may be thinking, “well it’s so hard to see a grand result from my individual daily efforts!” I agree, it can definitely be frustrating as many of us want to see macro changes improving the environment. However, creating a limited waste and eco-friendly lifestyle is still very important and should not be undermined. If you are worried about little impact coming from a sustainable lifestyle, then treat it as a beginning and strive for larger goals in the future. At the end of the day, starting and acting small on a personal scale will help reduce this anxiety about the whole world, a world in which you cannot tackle by yourself. 

Positive outreach

This next step challenges you to share your efforts with others in a positive manner while also giving others incentives to revitalize the environment in an encouraging and empowering way. Instead of always sharing alarming statistics or scary natural crises, mix it up with sharing what you and everyone else can do to better the world. This tactic will, in turn, prevent other people from developing as much eco-anxiety. Do not forget that we as humans have the right to fulfillment, happiness, and virtue. Thinking about the world around us does not mean we have to sacrifice a part of our mental well-being or stand still. Instead, it means that we should always seek positivity and maintain a balance between thinking on personal, community, and global levels. 

Sustain Yourself to Sustain Your Mission 

Lastly (but not leastly, of course), sustain yourself to sustain your mission. This means taking care of yourself and your health. This means exercising and eating well daily. This means pursuing your passions and hobbies that bring you joy. If you neglect yourself, you will be unable to find the strength and empowerment you need to carry on with your mission. It’s that simple. If you are someone who tends to neglect yourself and your needs silently, making it harder for those around you to even notice, we recommend confiding in one or two friends or family members and asking them to check in on you however often you need. This will hold you accountable for taking care of yourself and it will also make you feel less alone.

Thanks for joining us another blog post on the {Zero} Waste Kit blog! We hope you feel inspired to kick your eco anxiety to the curb and continue on your journeys to zero waste badassery. If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below. Lastly, don’t forget to share this post with someone who would appreciate it! 

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