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10 Easy Steps to Host a Zero Waste Gathering

Tis' the season for hosting holiday gatherings!...And creating a lot of waste if we are not careful with how we approach them. Fear not zero waste badasses because today we are going to dive into the 10 easy steps to host your very own waste-free gathering. 


Step 1: Ditch It

Sounds easy right? That's because it is! Say sayonara to single-use disposables such as plates, plastic cutlery, plastic cups and paper napkins at your table. Instead, adopt the forever-reusables including plates, reusable cups, silverware and reusable cloth napkins.⁣ #ThatWasEasy

Step 2: Unleash Your Inner Artist

While decorations are pretty, the majority of decorations that you find in stores are made from plastic, plastic glitter, styrofoam and other landfill-bound materials that hardly last you through the years. Opt-out of disposable decor and instead create your own decor out of leaves, pinecones, flowers and more!

Step 3: Make Reusable Containers Your New Bffs

If you are hosting a gathering with a lot of food, chances are you will have leftovers. Encourage your guests to bring their own containers so that they can bring some goodies home. Plus, the more food your guests take home the less cleaning up you'll have to do when your gathering has come to an end. Win-win ;).

Step 4: Compost That $h!t

Yup, we said it. Set up a compost bin at your gathering to show off your zero waste badassery. Clearly label the bin and announce the presence of it at the beginning of your holiday gathering. Don’t have a compost bin at home? Keep your food scraps (store them in the freezer to reduce the smell) and donate them to your farmer’s market.⁣

Step 5: Offer Recyclin⁣g

While a lot of homes take part in the local curbside recycling program, many forget to clearly label and/or offer a recycling bin when hosting a gathering. The key here is to make eco-friendly forms of waste disposal convenient for your guests so that they don't have to think twice. As you would announce the presence of your compost bin at the beginning of your gathering, do the same thing with your recycling bin so that people don't have to search around for it.

Step 6: Get Organized

Plan out your day with ample time. Think recipes. Think shopping lists. Think number of guests. Thinking who is bringing what. Think AHEAD!⁣

Step 7: Shop in Bulk for Your Ingredients

Hit up the bulk isle for your recipes! You will not only save money while doing so, but you will also be saving the planet. To see a video on how to shop in bulk, visit our founder Marina's YouTube video.

Step 8: Support Your Local Farmer's Market

Support your local economy and farmers by sourcing your foods locally. Think veggie dips, think breads, think homemade pies and more!

Step 9: Adopt a Water Pitcher

Single-use plastic water bottles... Who needs em'? Serve your water in a pitcher and beside the pitcher offer reusable cups. Consider making your own organic teas to further avoid plastic purchases. Consider also sourcing your spirits and kombucha locally waste-free by bringing your own bottles and growlers to fill up. 

Step 10: Consider a Vegan Holiday

The vegan diet is arguably the most sustainable diet on the planet. Greenify your gathering by offering plant-based food options. If your family insists on consuming animal products, encourage them to source them organically and as ethically and locally as possible.

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